This is a kit with everything you need to create your own terrarium.



- Soil

- Decorative stones

- Moss

- Activated charcoal

- Little decorations*

- 1 succulent plant*

- 1 Geometric glass jar (20x23cm)

- Personalized tutorial to learn how to create your own terrarium.


*The plants or the little decorations could have little variations in form or colour. The images are for presentation.




We try to keep close to you and we know that the greatest satisfaction comes from the things you make yourself. As decorations are often the best solution to translate your personality in interior design, we created this DIY terrarium kit.
What could be better than creating your nice plant terrarium and developing some new skills? In the end, you will have a beautiful decoration that definitely matches your design style, 100% homemade by you and you get a 1h bonus of relaxation and joy.
We’ve prepared a #doityourself kit for when you’ll want to do some plant and floral therapy or when you’ll want to spend some quality time with your best friend, your kids, or your extended family.
We will send you instructions about how to build the terrarium and how to take care of the plant in an easy to follow tutorial created especially for you. As we want to encourage you to use your imagination, we added also decorative elements to the package. Feel free to use them as you wish to create your unique flower terrarium.
This product is not created for professionals, you don’t need any knowledge about flowers, you just need to use your imagination and to allow yourself to experiment with this form of therapy.

Kit for DIY Plant Terrarium (L-Size)

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