Why do we need decluttering?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

You most likely heard quite a few times that less stuff equals less stress. It may seem obvious, but you may have noticed that a well-organized place gives you a pleasant sensation right away.

And who doesn’t want to live in a cosy home? If you find an excellent way to organize and decorate your house, it will be easier to keep it tidy. We can all agree that it is delightful to work at a fresh and uncluttered new home office and move to a lovely neat house salon at the end of the day to read a book or check a movie.

We can spend hours talking about how you can benefit from a minimalist way of life, but we also know that it is easier said than done. Putting minimalist concepts into action is the real challenge.

We will talk about some of the perks of an organized and decluttered house - and how you can achieve it quickly by your means!

Why do we accumulate so much?

There are some reasons why we tend to clutter and why it is so hard to detach from objects. We will revise some of the most important ones in the below paragraph and maybe some of them will sound familiar to you.

  1. Every house tells a story. Have you ever thought that sometimes the objects we buy reflect our personality, become a reflection of who we are or who we would like to be? That explains why we tend to get too attached to some items and getting rid of them seems to be impossible.

  2. Emotional items. It can be a souvenir from a vacation trip or a decoration item that you bought during an important event, maybe even your wedding dress, just to give some examples. We relate to those items as they bring us back memories of past and dear events, but sometimes we just forget to prioritize them. Not all events and places are equally important, we don’t need to stuff our house with tens of items to remember everything through things; our own memories or pictures can be more than enough sometimes.

  3. Rat race. To a certain extent, the fact that you can afford something can bring a sort of relief to your head. It is the reason why we can end up spending more on things that we don’t need. Sometimes we just want to treat ourselves with a little something, and there is no problem with it, but we have to be careful so it won’t become a case of compulsive spending

Clutter can have a direct impact on your daily living.

Furthermore, we can not ignore the fact that clutter can be a reflection of your personality or the way you act in your everyday life. When you have such uncertainty in your soul, you tend to follow trends that are not always a good fit for you. Shopping may provide instant relief to your brain, but it’s not healthy on a long-term basis. It is a matter of re-signifying the way you invest your money. You don’t need to buy something to feel complete - sometimes that one thing that you are crazy about is lost, hidden in a box full of stuff that you haven’t touched in years. Visually, clutter takes off your space and energy and can quickly lead you to stress.

The more you have, the more you’ll need time to tidy up. At some point, you will end up buying something you already had because you lost track of the things you own.

Decluttering can be fun and inspiring.

It looks like a lot of pressure to go ahead without any hesitation and start to declutter, but thinking about the immediate benefits can be a good starter. Remember when we talked about the visual aspect? Once you see how much space you earned from getting rid of useless stuff, you will understand the feeling of relief and relaxation brought by decluttering. And remember, if you have free spaces, it will be for sure easily to clean the house and of course keep it tidy.

You won’t finish everything in a day, so it is recommended to avoid buying anything while you declutter. You already have to deal with everything you have at home, so you don’t want to get messed up in the middle of the process! This way, you will save some money and eventually earn some. You don't have to donate or throw away everything (and we strongly recommend you to not do so!): some of these items can also be sold.

You can start with the « easier » stuff, like books, magazines, clothes, and beauty items. You can separate everything into four categories (or more, whatever suits you better): what do you want to keep, what do you want to donate, what do you want to sell, what can you recycle before throwing away. It will give you some clarity. And it is a positive way of questioning what you are going to keep and if it is worth it. As you can state, it can be an exercise of creativity because you can always re-signify some items and present them in a conceptual way. Decluttering keeps you active and many ideas may pop up in your mind during this process.

Decluttering is a long-term benefit for your life.

Decluttering is an activity that brings physical and mental benefits. Having this conviction is essential to stay motivated and get the desired results. The Japanese call this practice "Dan-Sha-Ri", which translates as "the art of undoing.” By completing the process of decluttering, you will feel more productive. You will see how much easier it becomes to have clarity of ideas, and how your ability to concentrate will be improved.

Organizing your home with a minimalist perspective will teach you a lot about living well in a lighter, more straightforward, and more satisfying way.

You can be happy possessing less!

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