How to declutter when you do not have time

I had the idea that finding more time for myself would be easy when the lockdown period started back in March. Although I prefer to work at the office, I tried to see the bright side. The time I spent commuting, for example, could finally be used to work out or fix some stuff at home.

But I have got quickly overwhelmed because I forgot to weigh the consequences of spending more time inside. Cooking can quickly take more of the usual time, the house tends to get dirtier, and house duties can easily get you distracted from your job. When there was also no meeting scheduled for the day, I had a quick lunch to have more time to do groceries at the beginning of the afternoon. Because in my head it was possible to compensate time later.

This is how I managed to be full time busy without having the obligation to go out. Turns out I am still working from home, the same goes for my partner, and we will be moving to a new house in a month.

Can you feel the decluttering energy coming around? As a busy couple, we had to figure out this task: how to declutter when you do not have time? I will share some ideas that have been working out pretty well for us.

Make a list

Believe me, it can be surprisingly effective. This is the first easy and also the most accessible step. Begin by choosing the support that fits you better. It can be your phone, your computer, or even a classic notebook with a pen. Make an extensive list of what you want (or need) to declutter. If you have a big plan and plan to do it for your place, you can make one list for each room. The act of seeing what you need to fix in a list can be a good visualization strategy. You will deal with the process of decluttering like a task at work. Which brings us to item 2. Make your decluttering process a priority Some people have trouble taking decluttering seriously because they can not see it as a commitment. When you handle life with a busy routine, decluttering is unthinkable. We have the will, but we leave it for tomorrow - and tomorrow becomes months at a glimpse of an eye. Therefore, try to think about it as a challenge at work. Sometimes we need to formalize it a bit to make it happen. The list is a good starter as it will help you have more clarity to plan and manage your decluttering process. Commitment is the first step to make it work. Once you have settled your plan, you can think about how to develop better management of your current routine to have some free time. Prioritize small tasks and do one thing at a time You do not need to make your list and set your plan on the following day. The idea here is to think about the perks and how you can benefit from decluttering, so do not worry it takes you more time than expected to develop your list and your plan. For example, if you want to declutter your beauty and toiletry products, try to work on one shelf at a time. If you keep them in baskets, work on one at a time and so on. If the place that needs decluttering is your wardrobe, you can do one drawer at a time. You will see how it can relieve the weight of decluttering. After all, it is like everything in life. If you try to do five things at once you must probably feel powerless and unable to achieve any good result. Try to get some insights from your routine It is possible to find some insights for your list (and further plan) in everyday life. When it comes to garments, for example, you can pay extra attention to what you have been wearing lately. Is there a reason why you always pick the same three t-shirts on top of the pile? Should you go through your wardrobe what is worth keeping and what should go away? If you feel that your kitchen needs a makeover, give some time to think about what you use to cook. What are the utensils you often use? Is there one or two utensils hanging in the drawer that you have not used for a while? You can also have a decluttering box. If you spot something that you do not want anymore - or that you have not used for ages - you can put there and think about what to do with during your declutter time. Set a specific time to do it As we try to see it as a challenge at work, why not set a moment of the day to declutter? For some people, it feels better when they treat a task as a compromise when they have a specified time to do it. Then you can adapt to your routine. Maybe every day can be too much for you, so you can try to begin by spacing the days. You can book one hour three times a week, or 15 minutes every day, whatever suits you better. Then you will have to think about how this time slot will fit within your routine. If you have a hard time committing to your obligations, it may be better to set a specific time. You are more flexible, then just set the amount of time you will dedicate. Commit to that, you will see how easy it gets as time goes by. When you least expect it, you will have finished. Don't forget to make a plan for what you have decluttered (and what comes next) The last item on our list is super important. Thinking about what to do with decluttered stuff is also part of your plan. Decluttering can be full of surprises and you never know what you will find. But as you go through this process, do not forget to check what you can do with the things that you want to get rid of. If the items are not in a good condition, it is better to through away, but check before if you can recycle. Look for organizations accepting donations, sell some stuff.

Many possibilities are ahead of you, but don't overlook your decluttered items!

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