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01 Our Story

Rubikon Decor is the interior design studio that offers integrated and personalized services for your home.

We believe that a house becomes a reflection of the owner’s personality and here is where the magic starts.

We are specialized in designing beautiful and ergonomic spaces, with the best utilization of the available space, furniture, and decorations. With low to medium budget, we help you bring a new vibe in your home, give a new purpose to different spots of your house, and highlight your personality through design.

We can help with:

  • Organizing and decluttering the space and closets;

  • Find your own style and translate it into a beautiful interior design that reflects your lifestyle and hobbies;

  • Consultancy & suggestions for furniture and decorations acquisition;

  • Create and highlight special spots in your home (reading corner, a crafts corner, coffee corner, etc);

  • Refinish old furniture.

Perfect for:

  • Internationals who just moved to a new country and want to personalize their rented houses with a small budget;

  • People who want to learn how to optimize the space they have, declutter the house and keep everything organized;

  • Couples who just moved together and want to blend their styles in a harmonious design;

  • People who want to bring a fresh vibe to their rented or owned homes.


02 Highlights


03 Services

Rubikon Decor services are tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Either you need help in keeping your house organized, getting away the clutter or you just want to bring a new vibe in your home, we can find a solution together.

*Free online consultation (45min)


  • Organizing & Decluttering

  • Interior Design Consultancy

  • Integrated Package  


  • 1st Video Consultation (45min)                                                           Free

  • In-person/ Online session (1.5h)                                                        €100/ session (1.5h)

  • Integrated Package                                                                            €1000/studio apartment**


Our services are available anywhere in the Netherlands or online.

Members of IWNG  Community - Rotterdam get 10% discount to all services.

Prices are exclusive of VAT (BTW).  

** + €200/ extra room

What is included:

  • 1st Video Consultation

       - Get to know each other;

         - Understand your needs, challenges and what do you want to achieve;

         - Agree on the size of the project + price;

         - Plan and agree on the way of working.

       - 1st Video Consultation; 

         - A personalized step-by-step program to complete in 21 days;

         - Online support whenever you need it;

         - Tracking the progress;

         - 2 methods to maintain the house organized.

  • In-person/ Online session - Interior Design Consultancy

      - 1st Video Consultation;

       -  Select the mood board;

       -  Decide the style and the colours scheme;

       -  Consultancy and assistance in selecting the decoration items.

  • In-person/ Online session - Organizing & Decluttering

     - 1st Video Consultation;

      -  Personal assistance and coaching (in-person or online) in all steps of the decluttering process; 

      -  Select together the methods and strategies;

      -  Create together a personalized action plan;

      -  Set together milestones & tracking the progress;

      -  Access to video materials + resources to learn how to create your own methods to maintain the space organized.

  • Integrated Package*

     - Organizing & Decluttering Online Program​;

     - 1 session for Organizing & Decluttering; 

     - 8 sessions for Interior Design Consultancy;

     - Save €150 with the basic package (studio apartment); 

      -Take advantage of the promotional price of only €200/ extra room.

*Offer for 1 studio apartment (living-room, kitchen and bathroom). Each extra room will be charged separately.


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